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 Rozanna's Violins gets many questions regarding: Violins—Painted…or Not?

Does the paint affect performance? No more than any other coating would. Our violins have no more layers of paint than others do of varnish or even polyurethene seen on a lot of student violins. While school orchestra leaders and teachers may want traditional looks, we respect that. But what about that aspiring fiddler that wants to rock, be a country/bluegrass star, or jazz hotshot?

Remember, guitars used to be pretty much one color too. Why not give the violin world some of that visual flair? Famous violinists/fiddlers that have had colored or painted violins: Doug Kershaw, Jean Luc-Ponty, David LaFlamme, Sugarcane Harris, and even Stradivari himself...each played violins with painted images or the whole instrument itself was other than the standard finish…