Ukulele Cases & Gig Bags

The ukulele may be a small instrument, but when you're passionate about playing one, a small instrument can become a big part of your life! Something like that deserves to be taken care of, and like any instrument, part of showing your ukulele a little love is making sure it gets around in one piece. The ukulele cases and gig bags in this section are more than ready to help you out with that, and the options are plenty. Just make sure to shop based on the size of your uke - considering the big difference between the tiny soprano and the relatively giant baritone at the other end of the scale, matching the case to the instrument is crucial for a proper fit. No matter which size ukulele you play (or sizes, if you've got a collection), you'll find that there are two main options to choose from:  hard-shelled cases and soft gig bags.